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2010-8-31 08:54
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Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller |  Director: Alexandre Aja

Starring: Richard Dreyfuss,Ving Rhames, Elisabeth Shue   Christopher Lloyd

You know what's great? Boobs. You know what's also great? Richard  Dreyfuss. You know what makes those other two things even greater?  Killer fish. What movie has all of these things and more? What About Bob? Fuck no. PIRANHA 3D.  

I should preface this review with the scientific fact that I  over-praise aquatic monster movies so naturally I went ape-shit for this  flick. If you don't have an appreciation for the underwater mayhem,  nature run amok sub-genre, though, then this movie isn't for you.  However, if everything I've said so far has tickled your fancy, my god Piranha 3D is a gift from the heavens.

The film is set on the sleepy little Lake Victoria in Arizona. A lake  that is invaded every year during spring break with scantily clad  women, raging drunk douchebags, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. All the  good things in life. And every year it's up to the town's local sheriff  department, headed up by Julie Forester (Shue), to ensure the safety of  the drunken idiots and their wonderful wet T-shirt contests. Something  is different this year, however. Due to some strange seismic activity,  an underwater cave cracks open and unleashes jaws … lots and lots of  jaws. At this point the furious prehistoric piranha begin to make their  way around the lake until ultimately showing up at the massive spring  break orgy that's taking place. While this story doesn't seem all that  new, the movie knows exactly what it's going for and revels in its  ridiculous nature run amok bloody goodness.

Piranha 3D ReviewFor  a movie of this kind of cheesy proportion, the acting is surprisingly  very solid. Everyone goes in knowing what the film is and has fun with  it. Elisabeth Shue rocks as always, and Ving Rhames is the ultimate  badass (and could indeed be considered the Obama of Piranha).  There's also a surprise performance from Kelly Brook, who plays British  bombshell Danni (one of the "Wild Wild Girls"), who instead of just  being a ditzy chick with big boobs actually has some ethos and pathos  (for a killer piranha movie anyway) with big boobs. The two lead kids,  "The Vampire Diaries"'s Steven R. McQueen (yes, there is a relation) and  "Gossip Girl"'s Jessica Szohr (as Jake and Kelly, respectively), while  usually irritating in this kind of film, are tolerable and have some  rather good scenes together.  

The cast standouts, though, are Adam Scott (from the hilarious show  "Party Down") as the seismic scientist guy who also happens to be a  badass with a quick wit; Christopher Lloyd as Doc Bro … I mean Doctor  Goodman, the prehistoric piranha expert (great scott!); Jerry O'Connell  as Derrick Jones, the douchey yet utterly hilarious "Wild Wild Girls"  host; and Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper. Yes, you read that right.  Richard Dreyfuss reprises his role as Hooper from Jaws in a  killer piranha movie. While the credits may have him as Matt Boyd, he is  singing "Show me the way to go home" at one point and is dressed as  Matt Hooper (denim and all). If there is one reason to see this movie,  that's it. Well, that and Jerry O'Connell, who literally had me in tears  every time he was on screen. Now these aren't Oscar-winning  performances by any stretch, but for a film about killer fish in a lake,  they are damn entertaining and just all around fun.

Piranha 3D ReviewFor being a post-conversion 3D movie, 's  3D is excellent. They didn't exactly have the budget for 3D while  shooting, but it was always the intention to have the film in 3D so they  shot it as such. You have piranha flying out of the screen as well as  boat propellers, breast implants, bloody body parts, and a lone penis.  And it all looks beautiful. With any Alex Aja movie the cinematography  is top-notch.  This one has a wonderful warm glow to it that contrasts  well with the bloody gore. And while the piranha are all CGI, the gore  effects are practical and look insanely awesome thanks to the talents of  KNB Effects. The pacing of the film is well done and moves quickly with  a cool running time of 90-something minutes. It never drags, and there  is always a kill every fifteen minutes or so. Aja definitely knows how  to keep a film entertaining.

In all honesty, this is the best movie of the summer, if not my  favorite horror film of the year. It literally has every single thing  you could ever want in a movie. Killer fish? Check. A slow motion  underwater make-out scene set to the classic song "Flower Duet" between  two naked women? Check. Ving Rhames shooting said killer fish with a  shotgun? Check. Jerry O'Connell in a Speedo? DOUBLE CHECK.  It's a great  movie to see with a crowd as you will be cheering, screaming, laughing,  and gasping at the levels of insanity that this flick throws at its  audience. When the shit hits the fan, it really hits, and it hits hard.  Also, for a theatrical release it has more boobs in it than a late night  Skinamax marathon. Hell, there is porn out there with less T&A.

Run, don't walk or swim to see this movie. It's a bloody good time  and sure to be a crowd favorite. I give it 5 out of 5 spring break tits,  Jerry O'Connell coke lines, exploding Eli Roth heads, and, yes, 5 out  of 5 fucking knives.

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